About Us

Our Business

Port City Dispensary is based in Wilmington North Carolina. Our goal as a company is to spread the message of how Cannabis can positively impact not only the people of North Carolina but the entire state medically and financially. PCDNC is working to provide the most up to date information about the legalization process in North Carolina along with providing a way to get in touch with our representatives here to help make the next vote count.

Our Products

The products we have selected to sell are of the highest quality. Via third party independent lab testing and certifications the products on our "shelves" are of the highest quality and the companies behind those products are of the highest caliber. If we wouldn't put it in our body why would we expect you to? We also sell apparel to help fund our mission and to raise awareness for the cause. All of our shirts are made in America in Los Angeles in a sweatshop free environment where they are paid fair wages and have access to benefits and health insurance. 10% of the profits raised from our apparel line go back into the state by being distributed between various Non Profits like the Red Cross and Salvation Army as well as Charities like Toys for Tots. We also use the donations to help out agencies bigger than us like Norml and the MPP.

Our Team

Port City Dispensary was founded in 2015 by Matthew Dula. Matt has been a resident of North Carolina for 16 years and is heavily involved in Wilmington. After spending 5 years in the USMC as an Infantry Mortarman serving with 3/5 through some of the Corps hardest battles; he returned to North Carolina with the vision of proving to the people and politicians that Cannabis is a product not to be afraid of, and that we can harness Cannabis to improve quality of life and generate revenue that can be used to get us as a state out of our monster 4 Billion dollar deficit.

Our Mission

"To allow the people of North Carolina to have legal access to a natural alternative in treatment choices."~PCDNC
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