Canna-Butter Making Tips

Have you ever wanted to try and make your own edibles? I am sure many who do not live in a state that has legalized marijuana or offers a dispensary in the area; the thought has come to mind, especially if you are one to stock up when you do go to the dispensary. Since most are not sure where to start when it comes to making butter or eating edibles, it can be a bit of an intimidating experience to try. Most do not want to lose their product or end up making junk out of a good stash. With the right research and proper tools, you can be baking in no time.

Before we go ahead and jump right into making butter let's get a few of the details out of the way. When it comes to making canna-butter, the first thing you will need to get is some good quality marijuana. When selecting your marijuana you want to make sure you know what you are getting and this is because you will need to know the THC percent in order to make effective edibles. Most THC starts at about 10% and is considered the lower end if you have never made edibles then this is the strength to start with, remember you can always take more if the affects you are looking for are not achieved. If you have made edibles before and are looking for something stronger then selecting a THC content between 15 and 20% would be a good place for you to start anything over 21% is considered a very strong dose and should only be utilized by experienced consumers.

Once you have the Marijuana selected that you are going to use, it is important to figure out the math about your dose. For this purpose, we will pretend we have a THC rating of 10%. So for every gram that you have of marijuana, that's rated at 10% you have 1000 milligrams of Marijuana content dry. Now take that 1000 milligrams and divide by 10% because that’s what the value of the THC is and you end up with 100 milligrams of pure THC. If you divided that, by a standard recipe of 60 cookies you would end up with each cookie containing 5 milligrams of THC each, which is a good starting dose for somebody who has not consumed an edible before. Colorado's regulation states that a dose of edibles is max 10 milligrams due to the strength of the THC.

So now that we have our dosage figured out, you will want to start by selecting a recipe that at least has a half a cup to a cup of butter. You can use brownies, cookies, even cake if you desire. The next step in the process is to use a double boiler method by filling one pot with water and then setting the other one on top of that water and put your butter in there to melt. Make sure that you have fine ground down the amount of marijuana that you need for your recipe, and added it to your butter. This will then continue to sit and slowly cook for the next few hours. The longer it cooks the more THC that gets pulled into the butter. Once the butter is finished, you want to use either a cheese cloth or small strainer to strain the butter from the ground Marijuana so that you are left with only the butter and no grounds.

After that is done, check your recipe to see whether it calls for melted butter or for a solid stick. If it calls for a solid stick, then set your butter in the refrigerator until solidified. If it calls for melted butter, let it cool for a few and follow the recipe you have chosen.

It's really simple to make your own edibles if you understand the math and dosing that is involved with your cannabis. If you are not sure or hesitant visit one of your local dispensaries to try their edibles as they will have the correct dosing already set for you. It may cost a little more than making it yourself, but when it comes to medication, you'd rather be safe than sorry. For those of you who are planning to give it a shot and understand the importance behind the process, I wish you a happy baking time!

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