Stopping Drug Cartels One State at a Time

Is legalization within the United States causing drug cartels to decline? Is it actually stopping the madness of the black market? I mean, really how much impact could Colorado have on the drug cartel industry? It is actually a lot more of an impact than one would think. It may actually be the beginning of the decline in drug cartel activity for the first time in years. It even has Mexico talking about how to work with making marijuana legal in hopes to take away some of the power it has given the drug cartels within their borders.

So how has Colorado’s legalization made a change within the drug cartels activities? Over the last two years since Colorado has made marijuana legalized both medically and recreationally, we have actually seen a decline in drug cartel activity across the South and throughout the borders of Mexico. Colorado's legalization alone has dropped drug cartel activity over 70% in just two years. This is causing drug cartels to suffer financially forcing them to direct their attention on a new way to survive.

It is stopping drug smuggling and black market distribution from the drug cartels causing them to suffer in their economic status which in return is slowly knocking down the smaller cartels and reducing their numbers drastically. For the first time, we are able to focus solely on large cartels and take them out of commission, as well as on making a safer living environment for millions who have been affected by the drug wars and their violence.

These findings have all been confirmed by the US Drug Enforcement Administration as of October 2015. They estimate that since 2014, they have seen over 900 tons of illegal marijuana seized along the Mexican border. They also estimate that with the current legalization we should start to see a year-on-year reduction in border smuggling by 23% each year. If you ask me that's a whole lot of money made and saved for the country, something that we could use to put back into future changes within the United States, things like making it legal at the Federal level.

If crime continues to reduce from the legalization of marijuana and drug cartels begin to diminish, these would be just the beginning effects of legal marijuana. Just think of the possibilities with the reduction in drug cartels alone. Think of the money that can be taken out of the ‘war on drugs’ and put back within our communities, think of the safety that many do not have now, will have a safe community to live in. Seeing the drug cartels decline and their money suffer all because of Colorado’s legalization is huge, just think what we could accomplish if we united as one country, the possibilities could be endless.

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