How to treat your Chronic Pain

Have you ever been in so much pain that no matter what you take pill wise, it does not seem to go away? Have you ever been told by your doctor you are experiencing chronic pain? Is it something you are struggling with to accept, deal with and manage? Is the pain something you have finally accepted but do not know how to treat it anymore other than to go into the doctors and play a game of Russian roulette with the pills they want you to take? Unfortunately, I know this reality all too well and can relate to your frustration when it comes to pharmaceuticals and your pain.

If you currently are suffering with chronic pain and working with a medical doctor I'm sure you have a mile-long list of medications that you take daily just to function without the constant reminder of pain. I bet most of the medications you take barely touch the pain and the ones that do work; you aren't even sure which medication is working because you have so many! I am sure you even battle of constant stigma of being a pain seeker or pill head because of all your medication. Every part of living with chronic pain is nothing but more pain and frustration all because there is not one medication to help.

What if I told you wouldn't have to take pills anymore to resolve your chronic pain? Would you be willing to try any means necessary? Well I can tell you from first hand I have lived with pain for many years, I am going on my 6 years of living in chronic pain that has been full diagnosed and a list of medications they prescribed me that hardly work. I currently take Cymbalta, gabapentin, ibuprofen and Percocet all to function for a day. It may not sound like a lot but when you consider how many doses of each I have to take a day it becomes unreal and when you think of the damage it will do to my body down the road, makes me not want to take them at all.

So I finally had enough with all the medications and started doing some research, I found hope after all. This is when I first came across the Mary’s medicinal patches. I was a skeptic at first, how could one patch work for me all day when I have to take over 20 pills in a day to function. When I finally gave in and tried the patches, I made sure it was the beginning of my day and eliminated all medications. I thought for sure I experience severe withdrawals and extreme pain but once the patch started to kick in, which took a couple hours for the first one to get into my system to fully work and that’s when I first found relief.

I went from this foggy zombie like state to what felt like the body of a 15-year-old. I continued to treat with the patches for several weeks until I had to return back to the state I live and not available yet. If I have any advice for someone living with chronic pain, it would be to stock up on those patches. Mary medicinal works amazingly, my favorite being the THC and CBD 1:1 patch.

I've never found a medication that works so well aside from smoking marijuana and even these top that, I at first thought it was beginners luck but as time continued on using the patches so did the effects that came with them. They kicked in faster when you changed them out unlike the delay between medications; it made it so there was no lapse in pain, which made it impossible for it to reach intolerable levels. These patches were something that made me go from zero to hero and shake the stigma of being a pill junkie. I was active again, full of life and sleeping well at night all because pain was a thing of the past. I urge you to try these if you get the chance and live with chronic pain. I think you will be just as surprised as I was if you are willing to give them the chance they deserve.

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