The Terror Before Cannabis

Night sweats, terrors, noises, sights, and smells are all a possible trigger for somebody with PTSD. With more and more of our veterans returning home we are starting to realize how much PTSD is present. Yet, we continue to have no real treatment available for those with PTSD, and this is become a major concern.


What if I told you that there is a treatment available, would you go to any lengths to make it attainable? Would you help somebody suffering or would you simply turn your head the other way because it's not part of your belief system? Unfortunately, this is a reality for those with PTSD including our veterans.


It is disgusting to think how we as Americans treat an individual that is willing to sacrifice everything he or she has for the safety of our country, and yet when we return home we have nothing to offer them, no way to reintegrate them from what they've seen been through and done. We expect them to shake it off as if it was nothing, just part of their job. The reality is we are not doing our part to help them.


Recent studies between marijuana and cannabis consumption have actually proven to show that we finally have one cure available for those who suffer from PTSD. Through recent studies, we have found that those suffering from PTSD who consumes marijuana actually find relief from the daunting memories they are left with.


So how does that work? That's a good question, through the consumption or by smoking marijuana the THC and cannabinoids actually cling to the CB 1 and CB 2 receptors which are linked to our memory and ability to recall or store events. When a person suffering from PTSD consumes cannabis, it actually brings relief by eliminating the memories and triggers they are suffering from. Those that choose to consume marijuana have found a great relief and can function as they use to before their tragic event.


So what's stopping us from treating those with PTSD, even just our veterans who are suffering from it? I'll tell you it's our government and big pharma. They keep throwing pills at Veterans that cause them to live in a haze just existing. If they had Marijuana available as a prescription, we would not see as many suffer as we currently are but since Big Pharma wants to make money, we will continue to watch individuals suffer until we all take a stand for the better of our people.

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