Does Cannabis Really Make You Dumb

Over the past several decades big pharma has scared the world into believing that if you smoke marijuana, you will cause yourself to become dumb, losing precious brain cells. They have even gone as far as paying for anti-marijuana ads that state 'it's the gateway drug' to the harder stuff. They have convinced most of the world that marijuana is taboo, and we should all fear it, until now.

The Scary Lie

Since testing and scientific research has been limited by the federal government due to its scheduling as a class I narcotic, we have only had history to go off of. That recently has changed with the Cannabis movement and its legalization for medical use in certain states. As of 2012, Duke University led to believe that smoking cannabis was detrimental to the intelligence of individuals, especially young people. The study concluded that smoking marijuana in young people led to poorer grades, reduced ability to retain information, a decline in I.Q., as well as cognitive abilities and ongoing addiction issues. Sounds pretty scary when you hear that.

Skewed Study Results

What they failed to release and mention from the testing, is that this test did not account for other environmental factors such as a history of mental health issues, socioeconomic status, tobacco use, and alcohol abuse. Without accounting for these values in a test, it is easy to skew the results in a way that scares the public from wanting it legal, especially when big pharma is paying you to do so.

Not An Anti-Cannabis Campaign

What does all of this mean, from the title it sounds like another anti-marijuana campaign but, in fact, it is not. New evidence and tests have proven that marijuana is far safer than having one drink, and it seems to be the same case in our young individuals today.  There have been two recent studies that found cannabis consumption amongst adolescents does not impact their I.Q. or educational performance. To determine this truth, the aforementioned environmental factors have to be taken into account.

Twin Studies

The second test even went as far as to take a closer look at identical twins from the United States. This study was prompted to be looked into further due to Duke University’s skewed survey results. What better way to test a theory, they had one twin consume marijuana and the other did not. The test took measures of the twins development from before trying marijuana at ages 9 thru 12 and after primary stages of development, ages 17-20. By doing the study this way it allowed for an accurate account for familiar characteristics and genetic factors, which may play its own part in the decline of intelligence. At the end of the study, results showed that marijuana use in one twin versus the other who did not use, failed to show a significant decline in I.Q.

Another Myth Busted

So there it is, scientists are already well under way of disproving the lies big pharma has created to scare us all from a medication that actually works and causes little to no side effects. It is a shame we have to spend precious hours and time testing these accusations just to disprove them time and time again. Now that we are actually gaining the ability to test this plant on a scientific end and not just through the public, we should soon see marijuana campaigns stating the benefits of medical marijuana and the facts, not big pharma’s lies.

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