Medicinal Marijuana offers Variety

Medical marijuana is available today in a multitude of strains and varieties that work differently each in their own way. The multitude of relief that may be found today in medicinal marijuana as an effective alternative to pharmaceutical medications can be endless. The compounds associated with cannabis that are most commonly looked for when consuming medical marijuana is THC and CBD. You may find strains of cannabis that are high in CBD and low in THC as well as vice versa, strains of cannabis that are high in THC and low in CBD. There is a strain of cannabis that falls between every level of the spectrum in between these two. Many different individuals find great relief from pain anxiety and stress through a higher THC concentrated cannabis. This would be where your notorious lines such as OG Kush and Critical Mass come into play. They are both strains of cannabis that have high levels of THC and are more for medicinal patients or long term cannabis consumers rather than someone who may be new to the Cannabis Culture. Haze and Skunk are also strains of cannabis that offer many medical benefits to patients.


Choosing the Right Strain for You

In order to pick a strain of medical marijuana that is best suited for you there are websites such as Medical Jane, Leafly, and Merry Jane that you may utilize to learn information on a particular cannabis strain. These sites will offer you insight to what you may expect with the high as well as taste, aroma and other characteristic traits associated with particular strains of marijuana. It is best to do your research much as you would with wine if you are new to the cannabis community. For those of you who are just simply looking for some great marijuana you can’t go wrong with any of the above mentioned strains. Talk to your doctor and see what they have to say when it comes to medical marijuana. Should you feel that your doctor was being bias or close minded to your request for medical needs do not hesitate to seek another opinion from a doctor who is not closed minded to the potential endless cures associated with the cannabis plant.

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