Cannabis Strains for Natural Pain Relief

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There are millions of individuals that live with chronic pain and acute pain in the United States. Some of these individuals suffer from pain due to uncontrollable medical conditions or diseases while others suffer from pain due to past injuries. No matter what level of pain you endure, doctors and medical professionals have a list of different opiates that they are willing to prescribe that come with harmful risks for addiction, overdose, and other harmful side effects. With 23 States having medicinal marijuana laws, this means that a lot of individuals can choose a natural alternative for treating their pain. There are many that are choosing to do just that because they do not like the Molotov cocktail of pharmaceuticals that they are being prescribed that often do not work. Let’s take a look at some of the best cannabis strains that are proving to be very effective in treating different levels of pain.

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  • Cannatonic is a hybrid of G13 and MK Ultra. This strain is notorious for its medicinal benefits as it commonly has a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC content. This strain has tested with THC levels as high as 14% and CBD content levels as high as 23%. This strain provides a relaxing pain relieving effect that is also beneficial for relieving stress and inflammation.
  • Harlequin is known for its amazing CBD content falling between 8 and 16%. The THC content is much lower than most strains ranging from 4-7%. It is a sativa strain hailing from the parent strains Columbian Gold, Thai, and Swiss This is a preferred strain for treating pain, stress and headaches.
  • Bubba OG is an Indica dominant strain that is a combination of the Ghost OG and Pre-98 Bubba Kush strains. The strain is great for pain relief, insomnia, and eliminating muscle spasms. The effects are often very sleepy, hungry and euphoric.
  • Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid combination brought to you by OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a mysterious third strain. It has shown many people great relief from severe pain, nausea, inflammation, stress, and migraines. This wonderful hybrid offers a THC content of 17-28% and a CBD content between .06 and .2%. Flavors of this strain have been described as earthy, sweet and pungent.

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