Weed for Warriors

This is real human agony. 

We’re talking homelessness, sleepless nights and cold sweats. Real stories of heroes facing broken families, unemployment and the overwhelming sense that their sacrifices are being ignored by their fellow countrymen.

Can you imagine what harm all these pharmaceuticals can wreak in a human brain? Even worse, is this an issue of curing valued members of our society, or is it just business? 

According to official statistics 22 veterans commit suicide every day in our country. Think about it. Every 65 minutes another light blinks out, and another mother starts weeping.


The science is clear. The evidence is in. Controlled supervised use of medical marijuana has been proven to be 300% more effective at treating PTSD than the prescription drug cocktails currently in use. 

Cannabis is more effective.
Cannabis is natural.
Cannabis is inexpensive.

And the only problem is that…

Cannabis is prohibited by backward, archaic laws that only serve to prolong human suffering.

Our Mission:


Together, veterans and supporters of the Weed for Warriors Project are marching on Washington to raise awareness and demand changes from the VHA that will save veterans’ lives, reduce costs and improve our quality of life.

Our Demands:


  1. Authorize the use of medical marijuana for veterans.
  2. Have the VHA conduct a scientific study of the use of cannabis for PTSD treatment




What are we planning to do with the money we raise? Using the funds raised through this crowdfunding effort, veterans from the Weed for Warriors Project will participate in The Cannaball Run for Vets hosted by MagicalButter.com

Our team of 23 veterans and supporters will travel across America -- from L.A. to Washington, D.C. -- spreading the word about how carefully controlled and supervised use of cannabis can help our warriors get back on their feet.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking education and awareness campaign. 

We are estimating our production costs to range between $40,000 - $50,000. These funds will cover gas, lodging, food, marketing material, permits & fees and costs associated with the events and venues in each city. 

But our work doesn't stop there.

This isn't a vacation - this is all about saving lives.

Lives that still have great contributions to make.

The entire tour will be filmed by Royal Studios and produced into a feature-length documentary that will chronicle the expedition of these military veterans as they journey across the country they served. 

In addition, throughout this trip, live updates will be featured on various media outlets such as FacebookTwitterIllegally Healed and CannaEffect for our nation and the world to witness in real time.

At each of our stops across the country, we will be meeting with elected officials discussing cannabis reform, as well as hosting activities highlighting healthy lifestyles. Each activity will be followed by an evening reception/networking event. Veterans and military families will share their experiences, and will be joined by leading researchers, educators, advocates and legal minds.

Remember, we are warriors.

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