Marijuana and the Munchies

CAnnabanna french toast finished plate

Many people have heard the rumor that marijuana is associated with hunger aka the munchies. I am here to tell you that medically this rumor is absolutely true. Cannabis or marijuana is known to have helped facilitate some of the greatest munchies of all time. When cannabis is consumed the receptors in your body being, your r1 and r2 receptors react with your endocannabinoid system. The reaction that occurs allows the body to function more efficiently.

Now I’m Getting Hungry

The efficiency of the processes performed by the endocannabinoid system helps to burn more calories. This is a partial contributor to why those who consume marijuana on a regular basis tend to have lower BMI or body mass index than non-marijuana consumers. When calories are being burned at a quicker level the body’s natural reaction occurs which is hunger. While you are feeling the effects of marijuana or the buzz, your hunger is heightened or enhanced.


More than Just the Sick Canna Benefit

This is a great benefit to the individuals who suffer from appetite disorders ranging from a multitude of conditions. There are those who would like to utilize the medicinal benefits associated with marijuana but do not want the increased appetite. These individuals are on weight loss programs trying to control their weight and don’t need things to make it harder. There are many forms of CBD strains of marijuana which have decreased levels of THC and other compounds that are associated with the hunger aspect of consuming cannabis. The CBD strains are showing many benefits to those who are looking to be motivated to hit the gym and lose weight while enjoying the medicinal benefits of pain relief and reduced anxiety from their cannabis consumption.

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