Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Make Sense


There are many benefits associated with the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Medical marijuana dispensaries do not reach huge tax benefits like they do with recreational marijuana dispensaries. Medical marijuana dispensaries help provide a natural medicine to those who wish to treat themselves using cannabis. They also provide safe access and help to eliminate the black market when it comes to marijuana sales.

Safe Medicine is Great Medical Practice

By providing a controlled environment individuals, no longer are jeopardizing their lives and safety or that of the public by trying to purchase marijuana in places where it is illegal. This also helps to cut down on taxpayers dollars when it comes to arresting cannabis consumers. The average arrest with a marijuana charge can cost the taxpayer anywhere from $2,000 and up. This is if the individual being arrested is not housed in prison or jail. The average one-year jail sentence or prison sentence that comes with a lot of marijuana charges cost the average taxpayer $30,000 or better.


Hurting the State and Those Who Live There

These fees add up to put a monumental strain on the states the ability to police effectively. In states where marijuana is legal police are finding, they have more time to focus on more relevant issues. Issues such as robberies, homicide, and public safety. Medicinal marijuana helps the nation as well as the people in it. By creating a safer environment for everybody, Medical access proves to be a successful answer in every place that has engaged in the activity of allowing medicinal dispensaries to sell to medical marijuana patients. By providing this medicine to these patients, the service being rendered is a great one. Individuals have a controlled environment in which to obtain their medicine and are no longer at risk of being injured or arrested for trying to feel better.

They Don’t Want You to Know the Truth

Marijuana will always have anti-cannabis advocates such as the alcohol and tobacco industries. Cigarettes and booze have been the number one go-to for Americans looking for an alternative or escape from the stress of daily life. That cigarette or that drink can really help to ease the tension of the day but also comes with many health problems that are known and documented. Beyond on the health problems, there are the safety issues in which they bring as well. For example, second-hand smoke devastates the lungs of all those around a smoker. Drinking leads to fatalities on the roads as well as increased domestic violence and public disturbances. Cannabis is starting to show stats out of Colorado and other states where it is legal, and the stats are proving that propaganda was wrong. Cannabis can help, and it is curing problems across the country and worldwide.

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