CBD is Saving Children and Allowing Them To Talk for the First Time

Marijuana is saving and improving the lives of many children each and every day. Lives are being saved thanks to the cannabinoid found within cannabis that goes by the name of Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is the second most commonly found cannabinoid in the plant next to THC. CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive which makes it a great medical marijuana treatment for children, and this is being proven more every day. Let us take a minute to look at a few of the lives that CBD oil specifically is helping each and every day.


Charlotte Figi

Charlotte suffers from Dravet’s syndrome that before CBD oil would cause hundreds of severe seizures for her each and every day. Her parents and doctors had tried everything they could think of with no success. Many of the pharmaceutical combinations that she was prescribed only caused worse side effects and brought little to no relief. Just when they didn’t think that there was anything that they could do and had signed a do not resuscitate order for Charlotte, her father had the greatest idea ever. His idea was to try cannabis for Charlotte, and it was this idea that allows Charlotte to continue to grow and have a semi-normal child’s life to this day. Since they lived in a compassionate cannabis state, they were able to access CBD oil from some individuals who had created the Hippie Failure strain of marijuana. This strain was labeled as a failure originally because it was very high in CBD levels and alternately low in THC levels, so it provided no high. However, this makes it perfect for CBD extraction and even more perfect for Charlotte. Since treating Charlotte with CBD oil, her seizures have reduced to just a few a month and the severity of them has also been minimized, all thanks to medicinal marijuana.


Kalel Santiago

Kalel was 9 years old when he spoke his first letters and words, all thanks to medical marijuana treatment through CBD oil. Kalel was born with a rare form of cancer and was diagnosed with non-verbal autism just three years later. For nine years his parents never heard him say a word. After just 2 days of CBD oil treatment via a spray, he started to speak his first syllables as well as words. Within days he was able to tell his mother that he loved her. You could only imagine how desperately she had longed to hear those words from her son. Kalel is showing more signs of developmental progress and is speaking more and more every day, all thanks to medicinal marijuana.


These are just a few of the stories surrounding the incredible cannabinoid CBD and how it is helping children across the nation. As more states allow for medical marijuana use and implement the access that patients need to this medication, more lives will be saved and more lives will improve. The only question now, is why isn’t every child across the country able to access this medication if needed and what can you do to help legalization efforts in your state? Call your representatives, show up to the events that support legalization and have your voice heard and above all when it comes time to vote make sure to vote yes for medical marijuana legalization.

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