Say Goodbye to the Big 5

Big Pharma the alcohol and tobacco industry, police unions, as well as private prison corporations, have spent millions of dollars lobbying individual politicians in their pockets. These politicians have help to keep marijuana legalization from happening in the past. There is no stopping the green movement. Marijuana is a natural plant and is an excellent source of medication for a multitude of ailments. The horrible effects that come with many prescription drugs are often vast and more times than necessary lead to death. The addiction rate for Americans on pain pills is horrendous. Pharmaceutical companies such as Purdue Pharma the makers of OxyContin have been and are being sued countless times but are still in business. Pills such a Z pack that have numerous lawsuits going all the way back to 2006 are still doing business today. The FDA approved a vapor style machine that dispenses benzodiazepines in hospital wards to help with unruly family members and patients. The FDA approved OxyContin for our children as young as six years old. Only as long as they can already handle 20 milligrams of hydrocodone. The benefits being seen from CBD oils and THC therapies are stupendous. They still deny America this medicine.

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