The Fields

GCM Media, LLC in association with Dirty Llama Film Crews has been chosen as the filmmaker for this project. The current working title is The Fields. The intent is to shine a light on the effectiveness of current PTSD treatments in advance of new regulations scheduled for the summer of 2018.

The Fields will be an unfettered look at the burdens PTSD places upon our veterans, the work of Dr. Sisley, and the initial results of the study’s effectiveness. Our journey will begin in the fall of 2015 as the first group of veterans enters the program.

Every 12 weeks The Fields will tell the story of a new group of participants. Video journals, in-home visits with family and interviews with patients will form the major part of the investigative reporting. We will also speak with willing public figures on both sides of the argument. By being unfailingly impartial, we will leave no story or struggle untold. The Fields will follow the study and report on its progress and reveal any new information on medical marijuana that is uncovered.

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